Nylon – Losing A Friend (CD Review)

OK, I get it. The eighties sound is back in. Couldn’t we update it? Learn from our mistakes? No? Really? Oh well.

Nylon, should you be unaware, are the most successful pop group EVER (in Iceland) and are attempting to launch themselves onto the international stage. ‘losing A Friend’ is a pretty standard torch song with some harmonies and a surprisingly folksy backing track.

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It is a song that could be from the Land That Pop Forgot. I remember hearing stuff like this when I was a teenager (quite a while ago now, sadly). I can find nothing in this track that would make me recommend it to you at all.

Label : Right Track

Release Date : 19 June 2006

Website : www.nylon.is


  • Losing A Friend
  • Give Me One Night

Nylon are Kiara, Camilla, Emilia and Alma.

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