Noisettes – The Three Moods Of The Noisettes (CD Review)

The Noisettes sound like Skunk Anansie at a blues revival, or possibly a sane and happy Queen Adreena. The wonderful voice of Shingai Shoniwa swings between sultry purrs, jazz diva scats and blues rock screeches; and she does it beautifully well. The guitars, which range from delicate plucking to mighty power chords, are provided by Dan Smith while the beat is kept spot on by the group’s drummer Jamie Morrison.


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For a debut release this is highly polished and has a pop feel without being cheesy or pulling any really obvious tricks. There are moments of eccentricity amongst all the songs that are perfectly judged and endearing. The Noisettes are fresh from a tour supporting Babyshambles and are touring again in 2005.

Label : Side Salad Records

Release Date : 25 April 2005

Website :


  • Don’t Give Up
  • Monte Christo
  • Signs
  • Burn

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