Necromantix – Dead Girls Don’t Cry

Danish psychobilly merchants Necromantix have been together since 1989 and this is their seventh album. The end of the band could easily have come about when frontman Kim Nekroman relocated to LA and brothers Peter and Kristian Sandorf (guitar and drums respectively) stayed put in Copenhagen. Obviously it didn’t but it did lead to interesting and somewhat unorthodox methods in getting Dead Girls Don’t Cry together.

The thirteen songs on the album were written as instrumentals in a week after a tour with Rancid and Tiger Army. The album was then recorded as fast as possible with Jon Silas Cranefield at the Steakhouse in North Hollywood, with the lyrics being written in just on morning.

You would be forgiven for expecting me to continue now by saying that Dead Girls Don’t Cry is full of badly written songs with bad lyrics but neither is true. The band have clearly been together long enough to feed quickly off each other and play amazingly tightly. The lyrics add huge amounts of fun and creepiness, like the old horror movies the band are influenced by. This album is pure rock ‘n’ roll.

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Label: Hellcat
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Release date: 10th May 2004


  • Black Wedding
  • Backstage Pass To Hell
  • Moon Chaser
  • Struck By A Wreckin’ Ball
  • Where Do Monsters Go
  • Dead Girls Don’t Cry
  • What’s On You Neighbour’s BBQ
  • I’m A Shock Star
  • Ghoulina
  • A Stone With Your/My Name
  • Dead Moonwalkin’
  • Dead By Dawn
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