Narco – Worth It (CD Review)

If you are a fan of games like Grand Turismo4, Driver3 or Getaway2 you have heard these guys play a lot. The band themselves are a five piece from London and the music they play is a heavy, dirty blues lifted occasionally by organ sounds and chipping guitars. They are not as dirty and raw as The Immortal Lee County Killers or the Dirtbombs (but who is?) but are more scuzzy than most. The persistent pace and occasional delve into funk (‘Jimmy 2Ks’ in this case) make it easy to see why driving game sound trackers go mad for them.

Buy ‘Worth It’ from

Buy ‘Worth It’ from

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Narco release their debut album ‘Control Of The Stereo’ on July 4th.

Label : Surface To Air

Release Date : 20 June 2005

Website :


  • Worth It
  • Jimmy 2Ks

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