Narco – Control Of The Stereo

Narco make music for people who drive without regard, crash cars without care and kill without feeling – their day job being the composition of music for video games like The Getaway and Driver. This, in turn, funds their lifestyle as a filthy rock n roll band whose music whose music you could also happily crash cars to in real life – though the anti-violence message in recent single Worth It probably knocks murder out of the equation.

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  • Though this is absolutely a rock n roll record, the heavy use of computers mark Narco apart from the increasing number of so-called purists out there. The music doesn’t always hit the mark but when it does it’s great and here they have created a distinctive and stylised album.

    Label: Fume/Surface2Air
    Release date: 11th July 2005


    1. Hey You
    2. Worth It
    3. Uno Kilo De Stilo
    4. Young Man Vs The 747
    5. Evil Brother
    6. Blackmailer
    7. The 2nd Evolution
    8. Getting Low
    9. The Heat Ray
    10. Soldiers Don’t Sleep
    11. Pick It Up
    12. Teen Suicide Explosion

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