Narco – Control Of The Stereo (CD Review)

Surfing the wave of interest from thier last single (“‘Worth It’, 20 June ’05) the game music meisters are releasing ‘Control Of The Stereo’. This album has elements of new wave, metal and MOR, blended together in various proportions. Sometimes this works (as in ‘Worth It’ or ‘Heat Ray’), and sometimes less so (‘Getting Low’); the result is never wholly bad and there are some promising traits that I hope will develop in future.

Buy Narco CDs from

Buy Narco CDs from

The tone of willful perversion and a raw sound are always a good mix and I am sure it will hold them in good stead. ‘Control Of The Stereo’ is worth it for the good tracks alone, you’ll easily forgive the rest.

Label : Surface To Air

Release Date : 11 July 2005

Website :


  • Hey You
  • Worth It
  • Une Kilo De Stillo
  • Young Man vs The 747
  • Evil Brother
  • Blackmailer
  • The 2nd Evolution
  • Getting Low
  • The Heat Ray
  • Soldiers Don’t Sleep
  • Pick It Up
  • Teen Suicide Explosion

Narco are Cave, Rich, Mark Vox, JG and Chopper.

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