Mystery Jets – On My Feet (CD Review)

‘On My Feet’ has a home-grown charm about it. The gradual build up from the drums and the repeating of the title suddenly becomes a harmonising guitar folk before erupting into angular guitars, punctuated by space age sounds. It’s like the Fiery Furnaces covering ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ but not having heard it in 20 years. Curiously, this song isn’t all over the place and manages to hang together (sometimes by a thin thread, granted) and resolves itself into a fine indie stomper.

Buy ‘On My Feet’ from

Buy ‘On My Feet’ from

The B-Sides are, firstly, the relatively sane and sedate ‘Drownin Not Wavin’ that uses South American beats combined with a light smattering of gothic Americana. Close on the heels of that is ‘The Tale’ that is a calliope ride of harmonies and tragedy.

Put all of these things together and you get what is a promising and certainly eclectic combination that is well worth investigating.
You can start of with the free download of ‘Zoo’, and see how you go.

Label : Good And Evil Records/679

Release Date : 4 July 2005

Website :

MP3 : ‘Zoo’ is available for free download here.


  • On My Feet
  • Drownin’ Not Wavin’
  • The Tale

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