Mystery Jets – Making Dens (CD Review)

The Mystery Jets finally release their debut album after the hard touring and a string of well received singles. Their brand of prog/indie sits uneasily and frequently there is a feeling that they are just trying too hard or out of their league. The lyrics are either rooted in the mundane or are orbiting a distant planet with very little middle ground. Meanwhile, there are flashes of great music here but they are to be found between some extremely boring extruded passages.

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‘Making Dens’ failed to grab me, and on several occasions really annoyed me as it meandered around tunes instead of cutting to the chase. If it were a book it would be a prime case for the ruthless pen of a sub-editor.

Label : 679

Release Date : 06 March 2006

Website :


    1. Introduction
    2. You Can’t Fool Me Dennis
    3. Purple Prose
    4. Soluble In Air
    5. The Boy Who Ran Away
    6. Summertime Den
    7. Horse Drawn Cart
    8. Zootime
    9. Little Bag Of Hair
    10. Diamond In The Dark
    11. Alas Agnes
    12. Making Dens

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