Muleskinner Jones – Death Row Hoedown

About three years ago now (if memory serves me correctly), I received a copy of Muleskinner Jones’ debut EP, Terrible Stories. I absolutely hated it (memory does serve me correctly there) and now I’m left wondering if it really was that bad or if I just didn’t get it. While this is certainly an acquired taste, if you can stomach it you’re in for a treat.

A concoction of dark country and twisted folk this album stands out like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The sound is fucked up and not afraid to poke but at the same time diverse and immaculately performed. Also, it’s so rich and full that it’s difficult to believe that this was made by one man and an Apple Powerbook in his spare room.

>From reading the inlay card I’ve just noticed two things. Muleskinner Jones’ son is called Elvis and Indigo Flow gets a thank you (I like it when that happens).

Label: Red Meat Records
Websites: |
Release date: 28th June 2004


  • Opening Theme
  • Death Row Hoedown
  • My Rented Room
  • Truckstop Funeral
  • So Long, Mary Jones
  • Come Inside, Stranger
  • Concrete Swamp
  • Closing Theme
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