Mr Scruff presents Keep It Solid Steel Part 1 (CD Review)

Fans of Mr Scruff have been waiting a long time for this and now it’s finally here, his first ever commercially available mix CD. You’ll be even more pleased to know that more are already planned for release; the Solid Steel series normally only puts out one-offs but seeing as Mr Scruff’s DJ sets tend to average between 5 and 6 hours, the good folks at Ninja Tune thought it unfair to limit him to just one CD and have given him his own mini-series.

Keep It Solid Steel Part 1 blends reggae, hip hop, fuck and soul, creating a chilled out vibe perfect for lazy days and late nights.

This is also one for all you rare track hunters out there. It’s packed so full of hard to find stuff that Ninja Tune have seen fit to put out a completely unmixed vinyl version too.

So, he’s started the series well and will be keeping fans and DJ’s alike in blissed-out rapture. I (and I’m sure you) can’t wait to see where he takes us with part 2.

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Label: Ninja Tune
Release date: 13th September 2004


  1. Mungos HiFi – Ing
  2. Big Youth – Waterhouse Rock (groove corporation mix)
  3. Eighth from the Egg – Black Milk
  4. Just Ice – Going Way Back
  5. Chocolate Milk – Time Machine
  6. The Arsonists – Flashback
  7. Erykah Badu – Back in the Day
  8. UTD – Kung Fu
  9. Ultramagnetic MCs – Ego Trippin
  10. Papa Austin with the Great Peso – Wrong Girls to Play With (dub)
  11. Sarah Winton – Tell Me How
  12. Demon Boyz – Recognition
  13. Dred Scott – Check the Vibe
  14. Mark Rae vs Deadbeats – Funky for You
  15. Madkap – Dopest Verse
  16. 2day & 2moro – Disney on Acid / Cappo – Learn to be Strong (acapella)
  17. Peddlers – Impressions (pt.3)
  18. Luis Enriquez – Carrefour
  19. Spaghetti Head – Funky Axe
  20. Connie Price & The Keystones – Highland Park
  21. Stone Alliance – Sweetie Pie
  22. Showbiz & AG – Bounce Ta This
  23. Lords of the Underground – Check It
  24. Microdisiacs – Deep Waters
  25. Border Crossing – Searching For Mr Manuva
  26. Tipper – Pins & Needles
  27. Prefuse 73 – Detchibe
  28. Little Miss Trinitron – CPU Song
  29. Soul 2 Soul – Fairplay
  30. Pharoah Sanders – You Have Got To Have Freedom

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