Motorhead – Inferno

Motorhead need no introduction. Frankly, I’m still wondering if they even need a review; if you don’t know if you like Motorhead or not then you must either be very indecisive or you’re just not paying attention.

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The songs on Inferno are as you should expect – loud and fast. Lemmy growls over the top of each song as only he can and the band are joined twice by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai (on Terminal Show and Down On Me). Whatever you think about them, Motorhead give all the current batch of metal bands a run for their money.

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Label: SPV
Website: |
Release date: 21st June 2004


  • Terminal Show
  • Killers
  • In The Name Of Tragedy
  • Suicide
  • Life’s A Bitch
  • Down On Me
  • In The Black
  • Fight
  • In The Year Of The Wolf
  • Keys To The Kingdom
  • Smiling Like A Killer
  • Whorehouse Blues
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