Morrissey – You Are The Quarry

It has been seven long years since Morrissey brought out an album. The question is has time changed him? Has he reinvented himself? Is this a ‘departure’, is it ‘experimental’?

Thankfully, the answer to all of those questions is, basically, ‘No’. That isn’t to say this is a stagnant rehashing of former glories; rather it is a return to form by someone who knows what he does and does it well. The album, for those of you who like this kind of detail, was recorded in London and Los Angeles with producer Jimmy Finn (Who has Green Day and Blink 182 on his CV). Jimmy persuaded Morrissey to record with a band, rather than getting a band in later to record around his vocals. The result is vibrant and richly theatrical.

Morrissey takes his spirited and plain spoken poetry, sprinkled with left field references and vents his spleen in his inimitable croon. The years have not mellowed him, you’ll be glad to hear. There are big choruses, intimate moments, guitars crashing in waves and more. This is a not just a return, it is a return on sparkling form.

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Label : Attack Records

Release Date : 17 May 2004

Website :


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