Morrissey – Let Me Kiss You (CD Review)

Mozzer has been doing well hasn’t he? His new album (his most successful solo album yet) has gone Platinum, he played Glastonbury, Reading/Leeds and Move and the singles from ‘You Are The Quarry’ are breaking his personal records all the time. ‘Let Me Kiss You’ is the latest single to come from this landmark album. In his own self deprecating crooning style Morrissey talks of passions and ideals. The song is touchingly conveyed and easily heard.


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As well as ‘Let Me Kiss You’, the single includes two new tracks. ‘Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice’ is a more lively pop song, a good balance to the earnest A-side. Finally, ‘Friday Mourning’ is a torch song that tugs once again at the listeners heart strings with the ease of an expert.


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Label : Attack

Release Date : 11 October 2004

Website :


  • Let Me Kiss You
  • Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice
  • Friday Mourning

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