Morcheeba – Charango

Yay! Morcheeba are miserable again! Not quite as down as they were for Big Calm but close enough. I never quite got on with ‘happy’ Fragments of Freedom, it seemed too false and strained – This is Morcheeba back on form.

Kicking off (in a removing-your-slippers kinda way) the album is Slow Down. It sets the mood immediately – chilled and delicious. Skye invites you to melt and lose yourself in the luxurious and stress free. The vibe continues throughout with their signature blend of beats, strings, samples and trip hop. The stand out track for me is Sáo Paulo, surely a big contender for the next single, is a soulfully sung story love, lies, booze and depression.

But you don’t just get Skye and co., oh no. They have drafted some mates in to mix it up and keep you on your toes. There is Lambchop‘s Kurt Wanger doing an excellent duet on What New York Couples Fight About and sharing his sweet songwriting skills with Skye on Undress Me Now. Also making a couple of appearances is rapper Pace Won (no, me neither…) on the unusually short title track and Get Along.

Things go a little odd when Slick Rick raps the Fresh Prince-esque Women Lose Weight, which is an amusing tale about the pros and cons of killing your missus versus divorce – all because she kept on some extra pounds after giving birth. Label : China Records

Release Date : Out Now

Website :


  • 1. Slow down
  • 2. Otherwise
  • 3. Aqualung
  • 4. Sao Paolo
  • 5. Charango
  • 6. What New York couples fight about
  • 7. Undress me now
  • 8. Way beyond
  • 9. Women lose weight
  • 10. Get along
  • 11. Public displays of affection
  • 12. Great London traffic warden massacre
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