Mogwai – Mr. Beast

Recorded in the band’s own Castle Of Doom studios in Glasgow, Mogwai’s fifth album, Mr. Beast, is their finest work to date.

Since forming over ten years ago Mogwai have always pushed boundaries and carved out their very own niche and, while they have influenced the work of many bands that have come in their wake, they have never been matched or beaten. Anyone who thought that situation might have been about to change because the band have just stepped up their game.

Mr. Beast is in many ways a return to the heavier style of their earlier career and tracks like Mogwai Fear Satan and Ratts Of The Capital but that’s far from the whole story. As Auto Rock and Glasgow Mega Snake loom ominously over the opening of this record it would be perfectly okay to assume that you we in for some pretty dark music, but then in comes Acid Food with it’s squelchy electronic drums and chilled out slide guitar and puts paid to that idea.

Rather than being an album with one feel, it’s an album of dynamics featuring beautiful piano work on tracks like Travel Is Dangerous and the single Friend Of The Night and completely contrasting and unbelievably heavy guitars on others, including the aforementioned Glasgow Mega Snake and the album’s closing track We’re No Here.

If you have any interest at all in rock music then you need to hear this album.

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Label: PIAS
Release date: 6th March 2006


  1. Auto Rock
  2. Glasgow Mega Snake
  3. Acid Food
  4. Travel Is Dangerous
  5. Team Handed
  6. Friend Of The Night
  7. Emergency Trap
  8. Folk Death 95
  9. I Chose Horses
  10. We’re No Here

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