Mogwai – Mr Beast (CD Review)

‘Mr Beast’ is everything you should expect from a Mogwai album. The Scottish boys have extended soundscapes and blended delicacy and a raw dirtiness so finely that they are strangely indistinguishable. Their style of languid beginnings often leading to powerful torrents of guitars, keyboards, distortion and drums leaves the listener in a state of peaceful contemplation. To not pay attention is to miss out on the heart of the songs.

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Where a lesser band may have created a weak and limp introduction to a chaotically tuneless crescendo Mogwai show their talent and never lose the atmosphere, never have you doubting whether a part works and never leave you wanting. ‘Mr Beast’ is a fine addition to Mogwai’s repertoire and should not be missed.

Label : PIAS

Release Date : 06 March 2006

Website :


    1. Auto Rock
    2. Glasgow Mega Snake
    3. Acid Food
    4. Travel Is Dangerous
    5. Team Handed
    5. Friend Of The Night
    7. Emergency Trap
    8. Folk Death 95
    9. I Chose Horses
    10. We’re No Here

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