MJ Hibbett & The Validators – This Is Not A Library

Rejoice and let jubilation reign because MJ Hibbett is back with his second album! This hour-long collection has been a full three long years in the making. In that time Mr Hibbett has been ably assisted by The Validators – comprising Frankie Machine (Whose album should be compulsory listening), Tim Patterson (of Prolapse fame), Emma Patterson (Who gave birth to Edie mid-recording, although not literally I hope) and Tom McClure (from Lazarus Clamp) – as well as Kev Reverb (Crazyhead) on production duties.

The apparent juxtaposition, by the standards of conventional wisdom, of an album that is well thought out whilst simultaneously being jaunty and upbeat is part of the whole MJ Hibbett & The Validators appeal. There is a rich vein of well observed and finely targeted humour runs through ‘This Is Not A Library’. This album covers topics from English national identity to media enhanced male neurosis and does so in styles from country to punk rock without sounding like a haphazard compilation. For all that, the real reason to listen to this album is because it is just damn good music.

If you’re in London or can get there, you catch MJ Hibbett Upstairs at the Garage on August 1st.

Label : Artists Against Success

Release Date : 21 July 2003

Website #1 : www.mjhibbett.com

Website #2 : www.artistsagainstsuccess.com

Track listing

    • Things’ll Be Different When I’m In Charge
    • The Symbol Of Our Nation
    • (insert title here)
    • Falling For Trust
    • Last Orders
    • Holdalls Is The New Name For Midlands Mainline Lost Property
    • The Girl Who…
    • Fat Was A Feminist Issue
    • Good Cooking
    • The Back Of The Sofa
    • Make The World Go Blind
    • Nothing In Common, Except, Maybe…
    • Post-Subsonic Bass
    • You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor
    • Everything’s Turning Out All Right (Everything)
    • BBC2 (A New Hope)
    • Easily Impressed
    • One Last Party
  • PLUS! Futuristic Multimedia featuring another 20 tracks, lyrics, picture galleries and more!
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