Misterlee – Night Of The Killer Longface

Misterlee began his strange rise to the rank of musician as a child writing songs on a ukulele given to him by his father. Eventually he graduated up to the guitar but with him came the eccentricities you might expect from someone trying to make contemporary music on George Formby’s axe.

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Night Of The Killer Longface is Misterlee’s second album and comprises eleven weird and wonderful tunes. Some of the lyrics are truly inspired (You’re writing on my plastercast/”Tamagotchi’s dead at last” – The Caligula Waltz) and the instrumentation is nothing if not unconventional – there’s many an unexpected wind instrument and that ukulele makes the odd appearance too.

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Being strange is pointless if you can’t back it up with songs though and Misterlee manages to do just that throughout. These songs are not only memorable but will have you coming back for more.

Label: Rubber Czech Records
Website: www.misterlee.co.uk
Release date: 7th February 2005


  1. The Caligula Waltz
  2. Magnesium Horses
  3. Apology
  4. Natural Born Blond
  5. Job On A Bike
  6. Kind
  7. Fortune Telling Agnes
  8. Broken Shrine Mirrors
  9. Black Soul
  10. Lazified
  11. Goodbye Lullaby

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