Milburn – Send In The Boys (Universal/Mercury)

You’re probably thinking what a blessed relief it would be to read a review of mine that didn’t mention the Arctic Monkeys. Well, that was my thought too. Unfortunately, the plan went somewhat awry upon sitting down with this single. Milburn, see, are a spunky young four piece, who happen to be from Sheffield (home of you know who) and have already got AM live support under their belt. (In my day, Sheffield was the birthplace of the glamorous new pop age of The Human League and ABC, not the epicentre of meat and-two-veg indie rock. Where did it all go wrong? Phil Oakey would be turning in his grave. If he were dead. Or something). I suppose I should try and salvage what little dignity, if any, I’ve left, by actually attempting to describe the single. I’ll reluctantly concede that it’s not too bad, as it happens. Full of energy, attitude, impassioned vocals and all that nonsense, it manages to cram a fair amount of agreeable tunage and likeability into its frenzied two and a quarter minute stay on Earth. Let them through, then. MS (CMU)

Release date: 27 Mar

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