Melody Club – Electric (CD Review)

Having set Sweden on fire with their debut album, top 5 in the airplay charts and the singles ‘Palace Station’ and ‘Electric’ that went straight in the top 10 as well as a sell out marathon tour; Melody Club have set their sights on the UK. The single is a blend of arpeggiating synth and keyboards with the vocals of Melody Club main man Kristofer Ostergren floating atop. The whole sound is straight out of the eighties and has that infectious electropop vibe that has gays and girls swarming the dance floor as soon as it comes on.

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I understand that this is not a typical Melody Club number, as they are more a guitar band with electro leanings. They’re best buddies with Scandinavian rockers Mando Diao for example. Whatever the other songs sound like, you just can’t knock a good pop song.

Label : Absolute/Universal Music UK

Release Date : 24 January 2005

Website : [In Swedish – Good luck!!]


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