Melody Club – Baby (Stand Up) (CD Review)

This is europop. That is it, pure and simple, unashamed and bold it is europop. There is Moroder style synth, euphoric (although curiously joyless) vocals, and a solid dance beat. It will be played at summer discos across the land and if you are drunk you will most likely dance to it.

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Buy ‘Baby (Stand Up)’ from

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Melody Club have been topping the Swedish charts for some time now and are set on doing the same here.

Label : Virgin

Release Date : 20 June 2005

Website :


  • Baby (Stand Up)
  • Baby (Stand Up) (Emmon Remix)

MElody Club are Kristofer Östergren (Vocals), Erik Stenemo (Guitar), Jon Axelsson (Synthesizer), Magnus Roos (Bass) and Richard Ankers (Drums).

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