Maximo Park – Graffiti (CD Review)

The experimental art rocking sound of Newcastle’s Maximo Park is hard not to like. After the explosive ‘Apply Some Pressure’ this new single ‘Graffiti’ is not quite as aggressive but is none the less for that. There is an apparently effortless charm about these boys, the lyrics are sometimes intriguingly strange (“I’ll do graffiti of you’ll sing to me in French” for example) but always enjoyable.

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They have recaptured an excitement, a vibe and a sound that has rarely been heard since the early eighties and new wave. Maximo Park are releasing their debut album (‘A Certain Trigger‘) on the 16 May.

Label : Warp

Release Date : 02 May 2005

Website :


    Limited Edition White Vinyl 7″ Graffiti

  • Graffiti
  • Hammer Horror

    Limited Edition Graffiti CD

  • Graffiti [Original Demo Version]
  • Stray Talk
  • Apply Some Pressure [Original Demo Version]

    Graffiti CD

  • Graffiti
  • Trial And Error

Maximo Park are Tom, Lucas, Archis, Dunc and Paul.

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