Matt Harding – Commitment

‘Commitment’ is an easy record. (Easy to listen to I hasten to add, I have not a clue how hard it was to make.) It is relaxed and welcoming without descent into mongy aural abuse or sleep inducing tedium. There are sounds that come from far and wide, from lo-fi to spaced lounge and pastoral folk to found sounds, all blended beautifully into an electronic indie that is creative, interesting and vibrant. If all of that gives you the impression that this is left field experimentalist tosh then let me assure you that Matt Harding has pulled all of these elements into line with his excellent song writing. For those of you who like the cinematic sound, new acoustic music and chilling out – This is a must for your record collection.

Label : Moshi Moshi

Release Date : 3 November 2003

Website :


  • What I Meant To Say
  • Flint
  • Two Ways
  • Leave It Up To You
  • You’ve Been Here Before
  • Sugar Water
  • Positive
  • Shame
  • Come My Way
  • Afternoons In December
  • Our Conversations
  • Soldier
  • If She Could See Me Now

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