Matinee Orchestra – Matinee Orchestra

The debut album from Matinee Orchestra is a rare treat: a perfectly written, performed and produced mix of contemporary and classical sounds that is both accessible and uncompromised in its artistic vision.

I often describe music as cinematic but, while this has many qualities of a soundtrack, it seems more akin to a John Steinbeck novel. Musically, though it seems a little clichéd to mention it in this day and age, there is a definite Pet Sounds influence and fans of Caribou will recognise a kindred spirit. Strong yet relaxed guitars weave in and out of warped electronic sounds, beautifully arranged string and wind instruments add a softness to the sound as eastern and western influences slide around one another with almost sexual movements.

Amongst the numerous guests on this album is Maximo Park’s Paul Smith, who adopts such a different vocal style from that we are used to from him that it takes several listens and some hard concentration to actually pick out which parts are his (and even now I’m not certain).

My advice to you would be to get your hands on a copy of this album as soon as possible. No, actually, I demand that you do.

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  • Label: Arable
    Release date: 27th February 2006


    1. Thanking You For Listening
    2. Hide & Seek
    3. The Matinée March
    4. I’ll Never Be Afraid Again
    5. Run For Cover (It’s Going To Rain)
    6. Pray, Rock, Stone, Paper, Scissor
    7. It’s A Fantasy World / Everyone Has The Right To Protest Even If No One Listens
    8. Imagination Of A Watermelon

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