Massive Attack – Danny The Dog (CD Review)

The latest album from Massive Attack is the soundtrack to the new Luc Besson film ‘Unleashed’ (‘Danny The Dog’ was the working title for the film). It sounds like there is more than one album on this disk. The tracks are so varied but follow themes; there are upbeat tracks more akin to acts like the Prodigy (‘The Dog Obeys’, ‘I Am Home’, ‘Atta Boy’) alongside strung out downtempo numbers that could be Air (‘The Academy’, ‘P Is For Piano’), as well as a couple of songs that bear all the hallmarks of Massive Attack themselves (‘Danny The Dog’, ‘Collar Stays On’ and ‘Polaroid Girl’). From the sound of it, ‘Unleashed’ will be a thrill ride and a half.

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Despite the fact that listening to ‘Danny The Dog’ can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and that can throw you on the first listen, it is a great collection. If you were expecting another ‘Mezzanine’ or ‘100th Window’ then you may be surprised by what you get. Each of these mood pieces evoke feelings in depth; from the energy and ferocity of ‘The Dog Obeys’ and ‘I Am Home’ to the peace and tranquillity of the ‘Opening Title’ and ‘The Academy’ that bookend the album.

Label : Virgin/Wild Bunch

Release Date : 11 October 2004

Website :

Website :


  • Opening title
  • Atta’ Boy
  • P is for piano
  • Simple rules
  • Polaroid girl
  • Sam
  • One thought at a time
  • Confused images
  • Red light means go
  • Collar stays on
  • You’ve never had a dream
  • Right way to hold a spoon
  • Everybody’s got a family
  • Two rocks and a cup of water
  • Sweet is good
  • Montage
  • Everything about you is new
  • The Dog obeys
  • Danny the dog
  • I am home
  • The academy

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