Marc Carroll – A Way Back Out Of Here (CD Review)

‘A Way Back Out Of Here’ is taken from Marc’s second album, ‘World On A Wire’, and is a luxuriously produced song. The gentle tinkle of piano, the delicate sweeps of violin, the deep breathy tones of cello and Marc himself singing in worthy tones of pleading and loss combine into a richly produced whole.

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The trouble is that it really is just an anonymous and miserable light jazz song. There are a million other songs that sound just like this, many of which are probably better. It is music for soppy depressives, if you are neither of those things then stay away.

Label : Evangeline Recorded Works

Release Date : 25 April 2005

Website :


  • A Way Back Out Of Here
  • Talk Again (Acoustic Version)
  • For What It’s Worth

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