Mansun Slipping Away (CD Review)

The end of Mansun was a strange thing. The recording of their fourth album began and the new songs were previewed on a brief tour. Then everything stopped. A friend of mine went to one of those last gigs and left halfway through because they all looked so miserable but miserable or not, those songs had been recorded and since the split fans have been crying out for the “lost” 4th album to be released.

Well, here it is then, the first of those songs to surface and the last ever Mansun single. This precedes the release of a 3-CD box set called Kleptomania, which will feature the 4th album sessions, non-album singles, EP only tracks, b-sides, rarities and other previously unreleased tracks.

The question I’m taking so long to answer is, does Slipping Away sound like the music of a band about to fall apart? Well, lyrically, perhaps but the music is as tight as it ever was and stands as a perfect reminder of why Mansun were such a great band.

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Label: Parlophone
Release date: 20th September 2004


  1. Slipping Away
  2. Getting Your Way

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