Mando Diao – Paralyzed (CD Review)

Mando Diao take their sixties blues rocking style for another spin prior to the long awaited release of the debut full length (‘Hurricane Bar’ due early 2005). ‘Paralyzed’ is like hearing a missed single opportunity from the Rolling Stones circa ‘Satisfaction’. It has the immediacy, the urgency and the organic feel of a great and long lasting song. It sounds like how the Strokes would love to sound.


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‘Motown Blood’ is a song that could be a single in its own right, captured live and within a live frenzy of snappy guitar work, sassy delivery, and effortless cool. Finally, there is another chance to hear a previous single with ‘Bring ‘Em In’ blasting its raw, powered, cyclonic blues.

Label : Majesty/Capitol

Release Date : 15 November 2004

Website :


  • Paralyzed
  • Motown Blood
  • Bring ‘Em In

Video Links : Real [HI / MED / LO] Win [HI / MED / LO]

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