Mando Diao – Hurricane Bar (CD Review)

You have to hand it to Gustaf Norén and Björn Dixgård, the songwriting duo at the heart of Mando Diao; they have a knack for good rock and a knack for good pop. This combination of pop sensibilities and rock energy gives ‘Hurricane Bar’ a feel good vibe and some great tracks to throw yourself about to. Their charisma is undeniable and while this album has a more produced sound than some of their earlier singles there is still a rawness to be felt.


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This album contains the recent single ‘You can’t Steal My Love’ and many singles to be I suspect in the shape of the pounding energy of ‘White Wall’, the incredibly catchy ‘God Knows’ and the fantastic ‘Down In The Past’. ‘Hurricane Bar’ is an album that will infect your brain with skilful ease and have you hooked.

Label : Majesty/Mute

Release Date : 07 March 2005

Website :


  • Cut The Rope
  • God Knows
  • Clean Town
  • Down In The Past
  • You Can’t Steal My Love
  • Added Family
  • Annie’s Angle
  • If I Leave You
  • Ringing Bells
  • This Dream Is Over
  • White Wall
  • All My Senses
  • Kingdom & Glory
  • Next To Be Lowered

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