Magnus – The Body Gave You Everything

Tom Barman, Belgian rocker (dEUS) and film maker (‘Any way the Wind Blows’ – in cinemas now), has been listening more and more to techno, house and drum’n’bass in recent years. To explore his new affection for all things dance he partnered up with international techno DJ and producer CJ Bolland (Who I must admit to thinking was also a Belgian – Bolland is actually from Yorkshire). The result has elements from both of the genres; they used a drummer, there are little guitar breaks and some of the songs are lyrically rooted in rock. On the other hand, the whole album is comprised largely of vocal upbeat techno. The rock influences are there to find if you are listening for them, if you are not they will probably pass you by.


Alongside pure dance-pop numbers – like the opener ‘Rhythm Is Deified’, ‘Summer’s Here’ and ‘Buttburner’ – are the Germanic dance sound of ‘Rock Chick’ or ‘French Movies’. We see Puretone style watered down drum’n’bass in the shape of ‘Soft Shoe Shuffle’ and funked up dance from ‘Pistolero Savvy’. The album holds itself together well and is a great listen, a great dance and on occasions an eye opener with regard to what can come about from collaborations from seemingly disparate individuals.

Both the album and accompanying DVD contain ‘Summer’s Here’, which is used at the start of ‘Any way the Wind Blows’ and is the first single to be released from this album (21 June).

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Label : Anti

Release Date : 14 June 2004

Website :

CD Tracklisting

  • Rhythm Is Deified
  • Summer’s Here
  • French Movie
  • Soft Shoe Shuffle
  • Jumpneedle
  • Hunter/Collector
  • The Pick-Up
  • Rock Chick
  • Pistolero Savvy
  • Buttburner
  • Assault On Magnus

DVD Tracklisting

  • Summer’s Here
  • Jumpneedle
  • French Movie

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