Magnus – Summer’s Here

What do you think would happen if you took Tom Barman (main man of Belgian rock outfit dEUS) and CJ Bolland (globe trotting techno producer and DJ) and had them make a record together? Well, you’ll probably guess wrong. To my ears this record has more Bolland than Barman about it. CJ’s big sounds and pounding beats are tempered to a sweet groove by Barman. The vocals are smooth and the whole sound unexpectedly works.

‘Summer’s Here’ is on the soundtrack to Tom’s own film ‘Any Way The Wind Blows’ (Its UK premiere is in London on the 11 June). I went and had a look for a write up of it and found this;

    Antwerp, early June.
    On a sweltering Friday afternoon, eight people dream of a different life.
    There’s wind and music, police and paranoia, hints and allegations. There’s an ancient virus, a wandering frisbee, a dead horse, and, drifting through town, an enigmatic phenomenon called Windman who feels the pain of everyone but can’t seem to help himself.
    At night, a party welcomes all…

Something for everyone then…

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Label : Anti

Release Date : 17 May 2004

Website :


  • Summer’s Here (Radio Edit)
  • Summer’s Here (Remix)
  • Summer’s Here (Instrumental)
  • Summer’s Here (Video)

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