M83 – 0078h

M83 know how to pick a catchy title don’t they…

It is just as well that ‘0078h’ is a blinding example of French knob twiddling genius to make up for it. This track is glitchy and fragmented elements, they
appear to approach chaos before being reigned in by a multitude of beats and samples. The vocal fragments are especially effective, appearing to be singing but on closer examination are fragments of words. The whole track is brilliantly constructed and is a gem of a track. The live version of ‘Gone’ is brooding and tense by comparison, while Cyann & Ben’s reworking of ‘In Church’ brings out a calming blend of downplayed church organ, acoustic guitar, choral singing and gentle keyboard interjections. In a word. Blissful.

Label : Gooom and Labels(France)

Release Date : 1 December 2003

Website : Gooom and Labels(France)


  • 0078h
  • Gone (live)
  • In Church (Cyann & Ben Version)

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