M83 – Don’t Save Us From The Flames (CD Review)

M83 have transformed themselves. Where their debut album was a luxurious and theatrical experience of innovative downtempo, it would seem to also have been limited by the constraints of their recording budget and available time. The second album, where this single originates, seems to have been unrestrained. As a result ‘Don’t Save Us From The Flames’ is far from downtempo and is a slice of electronica that has tremendous energy and grandeur. This has echoes of prog rock in its expansive take on sound and between the drum rolls and overarching synths, theramins, guitars and more there is a song that builds and builds before reducing to nothing but a feeling of loss that it is over.

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Electronic music sometimes lacks the depth, will and ability to move and emote. M83 manage to bridge that gap.

There are two excellent remixes available on the single. The first is from Superpitcher, offering a upbeat yet stripped back and ghosty interpretation, and the second is a fine glitched up reworking from Boom Bip.

Label : Gooom

Release Date : 07 February 2005

Website : www.ilovem83.com

Website : www.gooom.com


  • Don’t Save Us From The Flames (Album Version)
  • Until The Night Is Over
  • Don’t Save Us From The Flames (Superpitcher Remix)
  • Don’t Save Us From The Flames (Boom Bip Remix)

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