M83 – Before The Dawn Heals Us (CD Review)

Can you imagine a record that musically sounds halfway between Air and Pink Floyd, with occasional meanders into My Bloody Valentine, Can, Vangelis, Bach and Tangerine Dream?

M83, largely the brainchild of French multi-instrumentalist Anthony Gonzalez, has taken downtempo electronica into new areas with the sequel to the spacious soundscapes of ‘Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts‘. The new M83 has been shaken up by the arrival of guitars, bass and vocalists. So shaken in fact that it is hard to believe both albums were created by the same artist. The new intensity, the driving rhythms, bass and drums as well as the layers upon layers of synthesised sound are breathtaking. There are still quietly beautiful ambient tracks, like ‘Safe’ and ‘I Guess I’m Floating’, that serve to enhance the contrast with their mesmeric charm. Sounds from the traditional piano, theremin, fields of tuned distortion, grand electronica and graceful vocals are all thrown into the mix with care and skill.


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The real surprise is in tracks like the next single ‘Don’t Save Us From The Flames’ as well as ‘Fields, Shorelines and Hunters’, ‘A Guitar and A Heart’ and ‘Teen Angst’. Their dance beats both collide and collude with spectral sounds above to spawn euphoric trance like it has never been heard before. This album is a must for fans of electronica, intelligent dance and lovers of great music.

Label : Gooom/Labels

Release Date : 24 January 2005

Website : www.ilovem83.com

Website : www.gooom.com


  • Moonchild
  • Don’t Save Us From The Flames
  • In The Cold I’m Standing
  • Farewell/Goodbye
  • Fields, Shorelines and Hunters
  • *
  • I Guess I’m Floating
  • Teen Angst
  • Can’t Stop
  • Safe
  • Let Men Burn Stars
  • Car Chase Terror!
  • Slight Night Shivern
  • A Guitar And A Heart
  • Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun

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