Lucky Jim – Our Troubles End Tonight

A chance meet up in Brighton between drummer/ex-snowboarder Ben Townsend and singer songwriter Gordon Graham (Graham had a drummer drop out of a gig at the legendary, but now sadly defunct, Lift Club) has led to a partnership that fuelled the recording of their debut album within months. Skint snapped them up, and a taster of the album (due in May), can be found in ‘Our Troubles End Tonight’.

The lead track, ‘You Stole My Heart Away’, has a rich, country rock air about it and is earnestly sung. The luxuriant feel is shared with ‘Our Troubles End Tonight’. The sound they have is reminiscent of David Poe or Neil Young. A slower, simpler pace has been adopted for ‘You’re Lovely To Me’ and ‘Lesbia’; these are ballads in the old style but nonetheless effective for that.

Label : Skint

Release Date : 19 April 2004

Website :


  • You Stole My Heart Away
  • You’re Lovely To Me
  • Lesbia
  • Our Troubles End Tonight

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