Low – The Great Destroyer (CD Review)

Do you remember when Low were synonymous with lush Americana that was so quiet that they made The Cowboy Junkies seem like Metallica? Not any more, Low have found rock.

From the opening war drums of ‘Monkey’ the tone is very different, there are moments of wrangled guitars that the Jesus & Mary Chain would be proud of and sections that are undeniably rock in tracks like ‘When I Go Deaf’, ‘Everybody’s Song’, ‘Walk into The Sea’ and ‘Just Stand Back’. There are cymbals like gunshots and rich bass that add tension to tracks like ‘Monkey’ whilst ‘Pissing’ is almost completely a work of building emotional intensity which breaks free in a squealing drama of guitars and soaring voices. The luscious Low sound is still retained on songs like ‘Silver Rider’, ‘Death Of A Salesman’ and ‘Cue The Strings’. They are arranged with an enveloping bass sound, vocals with magical harmonies and a delicacy that must be savoured.


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The broadening of the sound has increased the impact of every song and the graceful paths taken between the quiet intimacy and the all encompassing sound of wild guitars is a wonder in itself. This is another amazing album from the three, a must for anyone and everyone.

Low are on tour in the UK in February. Search for tickets on Ticketmaster.co.uk

  • Cambridge Junction – 17th
  • Royal Festival Hall, London – 18th
  • Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton – 19th
  • Sheffield Leadmill – 24th
  • Glasgow GUU – 25th
  • Queens Hall, Edinburgh – 26th
  • Dublin Village – 28th

The first single to be taken from the album is ‘California’ on February 14th.

Label : Rough Trade

Release Date : 24 January 2005

Website : www.chairkickers.com


  • Monkey
  • California
  • Everybody’s Song
  • Silver Rider
  • Just Stand Back
  • On The Edge Of
  • Cue The Strings
  • Step
  • When I Go Deaf
  • Broadway (So Many People)
  • Pissing
  • Death Of A Salesman
  • Walk Into The Sea

Low are Mimi Parker (Vocals, Drums), Zak Sally (Bass) and Alan Sparhawke (Vocals, Guitars).

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