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In the history of modern American music there are few bands like the Pixies. Theirs was an unparalleled musical path, influencing countless others despite modest financial success. In 1992, their chief songwriter and vocalist Black Francis announced his intention to quit via a blunt facsimile. That it seemed, was that.

Then to the amazement of everyone, the Pixies reunited in 2004. loudQUIETloud is the story of this unforeseen plot twist – a deeply compelling portrait of four band members and their difficult, tense and ultimately triumphant return.

Beginning with the very first rehearsal to the final show nearly one year later, the press shy Pixies granted unprecedented access to NY directors Steven Cantor & Matthew Galkin for the duration of their 04 tour. From the loud emotional highs of performing to renewed tensions between personnel, the band’s combustible stage dynamic is laid bare.

Featuring the seminal ‘Where Is My Mind’, ‘Gouge Away’, ‘Hey’, ‘Caribou’ and many more Pixies songs.

loudQUIETloud is released by Plexi.

loudQUIETloud DVD Cover

Press Quotes

“Fascinating documentary about the Pixies’ 2004 reunion tour, contrasting footage of their electric performances and excitable fanbase with stilted backstage scenes”

“A study of an older and wiser band tentatively treading the reunion trail”

“A must-have for any Pixies fan…the film charts the progress of the tour from the band’s perspective, encompassing meetings with obsessed fans, family visits and the various simmering tensions within the group ”

“A subtle, sensitive record of a group of people struggling to figure out what they once achieved”

“It’s been the daddy of all rock reformations, Pixies airing all their classics with ferocity and somehow sustaining their enigma and this straight ahead on-the-road documentary capturing it all is totally riveting. ”

“A rock doc gem that goes beyond the boundaries.”

“It’s part Some Kind of Monster and part Spinal Tap, but mostly it’s a descendant of, and as good as, the really great fly-on-the-wall music docs like Pennebaker’s Don’t Look Back.”

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