Los Skeletones – Witchdokta (CD Review)

Los Skeletones have been playing around the south of England for the last two years and now the time has come for their debut album to be unleashed. An exuberant mix of hard rock and funk, it combines the sounds of the Red Hot Chili Peppers circa Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Black Sabbath, Electric Six, Alabama 3 and the Average White Band.

In the guise of three hedonistic Texans, the band tell tales of pimping, porn, sex in general and evil. The message is that all these things are good and to be enjoyed and I for one think that’s something we don’t hear enough of these days!

In Los Skeletones’ world, there are no rules and it’s very easy to be drawn in.

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Label: Hackpen
Website: www.hackpenrecords.com
Release date: 13th September 04


  1. Pump Action Pimp
  2. Makin’ Funk
  3. Porn Girl
  4. Snake Oil
  5. I’m Tha Fonky Thang
  6. Cowboy Blues
  7. Witchdokta
  8. Get Funky
  9. Work Detail
  10. Shoe Flies Up

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