Locus Of Control – To A Bloody War Or A Sickly Season (CD Review)

The latest band to burst out of the thriving Welsh metal scene, Locus Of Control offer an enjoyable but generic slice of British rock on their debut album.

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The stand out track is the single, Comfort Of Repetition, which has a fantastic riff on the verse. Lady Baby has a really goo drum riff running throughout it too. Elsewhere the band often sound like Bush with a small fire lit underneath them.

To A Bloody War Or A Sickly Season will probably be hugely popular with scenesters (and not without reason) but if you live outside that world and want something a little more original in your music, probably steer clear.

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Label: Alpha Engineering
Release date: 14th February 2005


  1. Anhedonia
  2. The Comfort of Repetition
  3. Red
  4. Lady Baby
  5. -jwtbh-
  6. Bromide
  7. blameCulture
  8. Saltwater Smile
  9. Milk Teeth
  10. Dead by September
  11. Degrees of Separation
  12. A Deeper Harm

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