Living Things – I Owe

Low grinding guitars, snarling vocals, solid beats and plenty of attitude go to make up the Living Things sound. ‘I Owe’ is no exception to this rule. Their furious anti-establishment, punk rock ethos drives the music on. As Lillian cries the names of corporate institutions, lays the blame and vents his spleen to the buzzing axe-work of his band mates, the spirit of ’77 punk, London and New York looms large. The Living Things energise, invigorate and put simply – They Rock.

The Living Things

‘I Owe’ is taken from The Living Things debut album ‘Black Skies In Broad Daylight’ to be released on DreamWorks Records on 3rd May.

Label : Loog/Dreamworks

Release Date : 19 April 2004

Website :


    1. I Owe
    2. No New Jesus (Demo Version)
    3. God Made Hate (Non-Movement Mix)
    4. I Owe (Video)

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