Living Things – Black Skies In Broad Daylight

Rock wouldn’t be rock without spite fuelled, establishment hating, bilious fury rendered in a cyclone of guitars, drums and the roar of the disaffected. Bring on the Living Things debut album, a CD full to overflowing with music that evokes the spirit of the New York Dolls and The Ramones, the energy of punk, the power of metal and uncompromising belief that the MAN is shafting you at every turn. ‘Black Skies In Broad Daylight’ is a tour de force. The fuzzed up bass, crashing guitars and gravely vocals that spit forth from Lillian Berlin’s lips are an unstoppable combination.

The Living Things

The album, amongst its many highlights, contains the recent single ‘I Owe’ and the speaker blowing ‘Bombs Below’, ‘March In Daylight’ and ‘No New Jesus’. If you are in the mood for the inspired and the subversive, get this album now.

Damn the man!

Label : Loog/Dreamworks

Release Date : 03 May 2004

Website :


  • Bombs Below
  • March In Daylight
  • End Gospel
  • New Year
  • No New Jesus
  • I Owe
  • Born Under The Gun
  • On All Fours
  • Keep It Till You Fold
  • Dead Deer
  • Standard Oil Trust
  • For Tomorrow We Die…I Wish The Best For You
  • Body Worship (UK Bonus track)
  • Target Fixation (UK Bonus track)

The Living Thinsg are Lillian Berlin (vocals, guitar), Eve Berlin (bass) and Bosh Berlin (drums).

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