Littl’ans – Their Way (CD Review)

‘Their Way’ is a very sweet little song. It bobs along jauntily and with just enough swagger to be cool but not enough to be annoying and arrogant. The other tracks here includes the very retro, in a Beatles/Simon & Garfunkle/Kinks folksome rock way, song called ‘The Other Way’ before ending on the sedate sounds of ‘Did you Hide From Saturday Night?’ which you can hear here courtesy of their website.

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Not a bad collection of tunes, I recommend visiting their website and having a rummage around the high quality MP3’s they have there

Label : Rough Trade

Release Date : 17 October 2005

Website :

VIDEO : Click Here

E CARD : Click Here


  • Their Way (feat. Pete Doherty)
  • The Other Way
  • Did You Hide From Saturday Night?

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