Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy – Immortal Memory

This is the first studio album to be recorded by Lisa Gerrard in five years, but that is not to say that she has been slacking. Her work with Hans Zimmer on the music for ‘Gladiator’ won her a Golden Globe and a nomination for an Oscar.

‘Immortal Memory’ is collaboration with Irish composer Patrick Cassidy. The combination has created a cinematic album that is deep and moving. These songs are tinged with sorrow and loss while sustained by a strength and pride. Sung in English, Gaelic and Aramaic (‘Abwoon’ and ‘Marantha’) there is not only an otherworldliness about this album, but an othertimeliness as well. It is as if the recordings have passed through the centuries to get here now, maturing on the way.

Lisa Gerrard has another album due out in July, the soundtrack for a New Zealand film Whale Rider.

Label : 4AD

Release Date : 26 January 2004

Website :


  • The Song Of Amergin
  • Marantha
  • Amergin’s Invocation
  • Elegy
  • Sailing To Byzantium
  • Abwoon
  • Immortal Memory
  • Paradise Lost
  • I Asked For Love
  • Psallit In Aure Dei

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