Lion Fever – Haunted Water

Anyone who’s ever suffered from lion fever will know how serious it is. While it may not get you in to work, Lion Fever the band are the perfect antidote to this terrible illness.

Fronted by Jennifer Pearl, whose voice it is impossible not to compare to PJ Harvey’s, the band play rich, life-affirming garage rock in the vein of The Stooges. Occasional patches of violin and a very distinctive piano style go a step further to stamping Lion Fever’s mark on this sound.

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  • Haunted Water contains twelve song that will cause you to nod your head, stomp your feet and want to stick two fingers up at the world.

    Label: Sweet Nothing
    Release date: 11th July 2005


    1. Lost Heat
    2. A Little Silver
    3. She Sleeps
    4. Victory
    5. Crown Pleaser
    6. House Of Need
    7. (I’ve Come To Notice An Error)
    8. Adeline
    9. We’re Waiting
    10. I’d Love To Leave
    11. Defeat
    12. On Your Street

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