Linchpin – Linchpin EP

“Jesus had long hair so why can’t I?” A valid question (unless you want to get pedantic and point out that it’s highly unlikely that Jesus did have long hair) and one that kicks off Linchpin’s debut EP.

The four tracks here were produced by Goof Charlotte’s Benji and Joel Madden, who fell in love with the band’s music after another pair of twins, Linchpin’s Mike and Joey Cass, gave them a demo. The result is closer to Silverchair than Good Charlotte (thankfully) and all four tracks, including the aforementioned Jesus Had Long Hair, are very catchy and noisy, which is all you need really, isn’t it?

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  • Label: Helix Music
    Release date: 25th July 2005


    1. Jesus Had Long Hair
    2. Take All You Can
    3. Crazy Girl
    4. Wanna Wanna

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