Linchpin – Linchpin EP (CD Review)

Having got themselves heard, produced and now released through a chance meeting with Good Charlotte the South London lads have a EP for you. The tracks are rock in the US pop style, there is a lot of guitar and some lyrics you can shout while you thrash about. If you were looking for something new and exciting then you should move on. This is pop rock by the numbers, no frills, no surprises.

Buy Linchpin EP from
Buy Linchpin EP from

Linchpin are touring now and are due to be touring with Fighstar in December and have a release planned on Good Charlotte’s DC Flag label.

Label : Helix

Release Date : 29 August 2005

Website :


  • Jesus Had Long Hair
  • Take All You Can
  • Crazy Girl
  • Wanna Wanna

Linchpin are Joey Cass on vocals, Paul Bulger on guitar, Mike Cass on bass and Olle Som on drums.

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