Lightspeed Heat – ‘How Do You Do? / In My Dreams’

Lightspeed Heat, a collaboration better known by their constituent bands Whirlwind heat and Lightspeed Champion, release a AA side single this week through Brille records. Lightspeed Champion itself rose from the ashes of Test Icicles as Devonte Hynes’ new project.

‘How Do You Do?’ veers from softly spoken to explosions of collage rock guitar before twisted metal solos kick in and the track pounds it’s way to the end. It takes you along for a ride that evokes Pixies style rock and Adam Green-esque antifolk lyrics.

‘In My Dreams’ on the other hand moves from peaceful ambient sounds to softly sung and gently plucked guitars. The contrast to the first track is clear as this undulating lullaby gently soothes and calms.
Will there be more collaboration? I, for one, hope so.

Label: Brille records

Whirlwind Heat space:

Lightspeed Champion space:

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