Levellers – Green Blades Rising

It’s been a long while since I have listened to the Levellers and there is something comforting in the fact that they have not changed. Not even a little bit. They are still jump-about-folky with the odd rock flourish and are very good at it. This is an easy listen and I must admit to tapping my feet and nodding in time.

I am assured that Pretty Target, Wild As Angels and Come On (The first single, out on September 9th) are live favourites. They certainly seem more complete as tracks than some of the others with more energy and passion. The rest of the album is more sedate, more like traditional folk. I can pick no bad tracks, nor any that stand out above the rest. That’s not to say the album is uniform, more that it is consistant.

The fact is if you like, or have ever liked, the Levellers you will like this album. Label : HAG records / Eagle Rock

Release Date : 23rd September 2002


  • Four Winds
  • Falling From A Tree
  • Pretty Target
  • Come On
  • Pour
  • Aspects Of Spirit
  • Wild As Angels
  • Believers
  • Chorus Line
  • Not What We Wanted
  • [additional tracks to be confirmed…]

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