Leave The Capital – Matchsticks (CD Review)

Cardiff ‘rockers’ Leave The Capital have been doing well with decent support slots and national radio plays recently. God knows how or why?

Matchsticks begins with a spaced out intro that leads to some Eighties style rock, think Simple Minds, but with high swooping vocals. It is, frankly, not very good. Quite dull in fact.

You can hear the song on their MySpace page, go and see if you can find out what the fuss is about…

Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 29 January 2007
Website: www.leavethecapital.com

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2 thoughts on “Leave The Capital – Matchsticks (CD Review)

  1. While the review may be brief, and I will concede glib, I cannot get around the fact that I found the song is so bland and uninteresting that a more thorough description would have given more space to something I feel no inclination to promote to any great degree.

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