LCD soundsystem – Yeah

The LCD Soundsystem sound is like all the sounds of the eighties viewed in a mirror warped by the nineties and the noughties. ‘Yeah’ is a lament on inertia, begins in the form of a bass led Detroit house vibe; combined sparsely with trimmings of glitchy electronic snippets. The song, like a growing indignation of the ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ refrain, builds up to and beyond a sustainable intensity. ‘Yeah’ quickly becomes an unstoppable and invigorating electro dance. It is breathtaking stuff, for sure. The pretentious mix takes a more euphoric approach to the tune, adding high arching synths and avoiding the robust breakdown of the stupid version. Instead, rolls of percussion weave a complex web making motion a must in the listener.

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Label : dfa

Release Date : 02 Feb 2004

Website :


  • Yeah (Stupid Version)
  • Yeah (Pretentious Mix)

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